Pediatric Area

A line of products specifically designed for the prophylaxis of the 1st year of an infant’s life and any deficiencies that may occur, the result of the collaboration between Biotrading and the most important Italian research institutes >. The pediatric line is the result of years of study and experience of Biotrading, a company that has been producing food supplements for early childhood since 1969. For the products of this line, the company adopts unique and patented technological solutions in order to improve the intrinsic characteristics of absorption and functionality. The degree of acceptance of the treatment, in a word compliance, is the most important characteristic that a product intended for pediatric children must possess. Biotrading invests its best resources in order to increase the compliance of the products in this line which has the following objectives:
  • provide the best possible formula;
  • pay particular attention to palatability and taste;
  • decrease the volume and number of daily intakes;
  • increase the handling and safety of the products.


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